As a HoReCa professional, you will have access to a wide range of dining, serving and cooking utensils, as well as to goods for bars and restaurants through us. We co-operate with top international brands and have participated in the development of product concepts for Arnold’s, Lapland Hotels, and Sodexo. TRB is a veteran of HoReCa-related premises projects and possesses the resources for taking care of everything from furnishing the premises to covering the tables.

The TRB Academy serves the HoReCa industry by offering training services and interesting drink recipes both online and on-site.


Explore our services:

  • Project management

  • Mapping of service needs

  • Project specification

  • Design

  • Pricing / Tender calculation

  • Product searching

  • Product procurement

  • Monitoring of deliveries

  • Installation schedules

  • Storage

  • Installation

  • Financial statement report

  • Maintenance records preparation

  • Acceptance inspection

  • Follow-up

  • TrbTool

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