TRB is the link between the customer and the design office. We always strive to involve the design office in the project from the very first stage of design. The earlier designers are involved in premises-related decision-making, the more certain is the achievement of the desired outcome. The presence of a skilled project manager also ensures that the designers can focus on the essential: the designers design, we take care of the rest.

Finding products for the project

Our product-finding service was born to make the designers’ life easier in many ways. We will find any product quickly and efficiently using our extensive sourcing network and comprehensive product expertise. We are not limited to a specific range; instead, you can get any product through us. This saves the designer a lot of time for the actual design work.


Explore our services:

  • Project management

  • Mapping of service needs

  • Project specification

  • Design

  • Pricing / Tender calculation

  • Product searching

  • Product procurement

  • Monitoring of deliveries

  • Installation schedules

  • Storage

  • Installation

  • Financial statement report

  • Maintenance records preparation

  • Acceptance inspection

  • Follow-up

  • TrbTool

Ask more about our services: myynti@trb.fi or tel. 09 4542000