A project management tool for business premises projects

TrbTool takes project management to an entirely new level. We have developed a special project management tool for business premises modification projects based on our experience and expertise in business premises projects acquired in more than 30 years.

The number of different work steps involved in, for example, moving an office to new premises, and the volume of manual work required may come as a surprise for many. A lot of source information is required for realistic procurements, as well as a budget and schedule as accurate as possible already at an early stage. TrbTool can significantly alleviate the workload of all project participants, thereby also saving time and money.

What does TrbTool do?

TrbTool will assist you in all stages of the project. You can use it to monitor cost, delivery time, and inventory status in real time. You can see what has been ordered for the project, what is being delivered, what is in stock, what is being installed, and what has been completed.

TrbTool will start the tendering procedure for manufacturers and suppliers as soon as possible. Our tool does not wait for a finished plan – it acts at once. This helps the designer choose the right products for the project from the start, thereby avoiding problematic last minute product changes.


Real-time monitoring

TrbTool runs in a web browser and is usable on all smartphones, tablets and laptops with both Windows and Mac operation systems. It allows quick data updating for the different project participants and the project is easy to monitor from your own device.

Take advantage of TrbTool in project management

If you entrust TRB with your business premises project, you can use TrbTool free of charge. It facilitates monitoring of project progress and the related reporting in the organisation. The company can focus on its core business, while TRB’s project organisation takes care of the job using TrbTool.

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