We assist the developer in elaboration of a valid budget even before the design is presented to the customer. We bring clarity to construction works by acting as a liaison between all project participants. We function as a straight sourcing channel through which all procurements can be handled. We deliver the furniture punctually and accurately designated, always at the time and to the place most suitable for renovation.


Explore our services:

  • Project management

  • Mapping of service needs

  • Project specification

  • Design

  • Pricing / Tender calculation

  • Product searching

  • Product procurement

  • Monitoring of deliveries

  • Installation schedules

  • Storage

  • Installation

  • Financial statement report

  • Maintenance records preparation

  • Acceptance inspection

  • Follow-up

  • TrbTool

Ask more about our services: myynti@trb.fi or tel. 09 4542000