Mapping of service needs

  • consulting
  • finding suitable co-operation partners
  • finding business premises meeting the needs

We offer project and concept design and implementation-related consulting services based on more than 30 years of experience. TRB is a reliable and far-sighted partner motivated by the success of our customers.

A customer may have many kinds of needs related to updating its business premises and concepts. The premises may be too small or too large and therefore no longer serve the business in the best possible way. Perhaps the current concept requires modification and a completely new operating environment with new furniture, utensils, etc. is needed. Identification and specification of the customer’s needs starts with thorough groundwork. Interviews, identification of different opportunities, and presentation of realistic options are required.


Central to the success of a project is a clear schedule and proper distribution of different measures in time. A competent project plan helps to succeed; the more thorough the plan, the easier the implementation.

We bring together your vision and its implementer. We work with numerous co-operation partners, such as design and architectural offices. Using our extensive and strong network of contacts, we will find the best possible implementers for your project.



Searching for business premises meeting the company’s needs may be laborious. Our extensive networks of contacts will help with and speed up the finding of suitable premises.

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