Project management

  • project management
  • leading the customer company’s own project team
  • communication with different stakeholders

Project on a turnkey basis

If you trust us with the leading of the entire project, you can concentrate on taking care of your own business. We assist the customer in identification of the needs and satisfy them on a turnkey basis. Our skilful project team consisting of experts copes with all project stages. We have extensive sourcing networks at our disposal, as we have more than 30 years of experience in importing and our own extensive range of different services rendering project management more efficient.

Management of the customer’s project team

You can also buy only project management from us, while utilising our TrbTool project tool. We draw up an expert project plan for the customer’s project team, divide the tasks between the team members, and monitor the progress of the project. Since we take possible schedule, budget, and resource-related changes into account in a timely manner, we usually manage to cut the costs considerably.


Efficient communication is at the core of project management! Trying to manage a project “alongside own work” usually leads to a massive headache. Our TrbTool project tool enables project monitoring in real time, allowing all project participants to keep an eye on the project status from their own computer. TRB’s project management makes sure everyone knows the standing of the project.

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