Noli Studios is a new concept of living that offers studios ready for moving in or lightly furnished for short-term and flexible accommodation. Noli Katajanokka offers 263 and Noli Särnäinen 197 comfortable studios complete with a common gym, sauna department, restaurant, co-working facilities, and pleasant lounges. The first Noli Studios were opened in Helsinki in autumn 2019.

The project started when TRB was involved to support the NREP work group and dSign’s interior designer to select suitable non-fixed furniture, manage the procurement of furniture, and coordinate the implementation of the interior architect’s design, the schedule and the furniture budget. More than 1,000 different product denominations were acquired for the project, such as all non-fixed furniture, beds, dishes, home appliances, carpets, curtains, decorative textiles, paintings, hangers, and other small goods.

TRB’s flexible and versatile service concept saved the client’s and the architect’s time. TRB invited tenders from factories and searched for non-fixed furniture options complying with the budget and crowning the visual image of the new hotel. Prototypes of hotel room sofas and armchairs were commissioned; model products and materials were ordered for testing and playing with at meetings. When creating the new hotel complex, new needs kept emerging, for which solutions suitable considering the price level were sought for and tendered. Unprejudiced product choices are reflected in the hotel’s cosy, comfortable décor that complies with the architect’s plan.

NREP has managed to create a youthful, homely and joyful concept in which TRB had the honour to participate. The architect’s opinion expressed at the opening of Noli Studios Katajanokka, “indeed, this looks like my thoughts on paper”, felt like the best award at the completion of a lengthy and rewarding project.

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