WPP Group is world’s largest advertising, marketing and corporate communications company with headquarters in London; it owns dozens of advertising, marketing consulting and communications agency chains and hundreds of individual agencies around the world.

Co-operation with WPP began when Mirum, Pohjoisranta BCW and GroupM, members of the Group, moved to common premises in Ruoholahti. Within the framework of the project, the Group's common lobby and meeting rooms, as well as working premises were renovated completely to suit the needs of the companies. In addition to TRB, the design office KOKO3 served as a co-operation partner. TRB was responsible for project management, as well as for the finding and ordering, logistics, and installation of chosen furniture and textiles. Real-time budget management helped to make realistic choices throughout the project.

TRB was chosen as the co-operation partner because the customer wanted to make use of the widest range or furniture, lighting and textiles in Finland offered by TRB. Another aim was to make sure the products are acquired in a cost-effective manner, in keeping with the customer’s budget. The cooperation was smooth, since communication with TRB was easy and the necessary changes were handled effortlessly. The tight installation schedule combined with the exceptional spring in terms of deliveries served as an additional challenge to the project. Nevertheless, TRB’s flexible service and the role of a "trusted advisor” were of decisive help in implementation of the project in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

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